I understand how difficult it is to correctly and accurately state your wishes for a new tattoo. Below, I tried to cover frequently asked questions in case you want to get a tattoo from me


    Projects which are more interesting for me - are the top priority



    After you realised that you like my work, the question arises, how to get from the point where you’re just interested directly to the moment you get a tattoo




Application - Reply via e-mail - Consultation - Session


    At the first place, understand for yourself what you liked about my work. After that, choose and attach several examples of tattoos made by me to the application. Additionally, you can use works of other masters, but I do not like it




   Shortly describe your idea and wishes



After submitting the form


    Wait for the response to your application within 3-14 days. Sometimes it takes a lot of time. I can not help it, unfortunately


    Do not duplicate the application


If your city is not yet on the list, then I will reply to you only when I am going to visit your country or city


Waiting for appointment dates


    Free dates for the session can be available from 1 day up to 2 months from the current date it depends on my schedule and workload.


    I do not keep an appointment schedule for longer than 2 months from the current date.

If you would like to get a tattoo in the nearest future, then, after submitting the form, please, send me a direct message on the Instagram with the text "Booking"



    At the meeting, I will ask you once again to describe the idea and location of tattoo. Also, you may want to tell me the reason why you were attracted to my works.


    Then we will discuss what exactly will be done. After that, I will schematically designate the dimensions and arrangement of the elements of the tattoo on your body with a marker.

When the appointments are made abroad, I may work without the consultation. After online communication we meet only at the session.




    Sometimes I can work in connection with your budget, it's suitable for small tattoos (up to 10cm).


    If the tattoo will be finished during one session, I’ll tell you the exact or approximate cost.

    For tattoos that take more than one session, there is practically no sense in trying to calculate the total cost because similar projects are performed in several sessions with breaks between them. In this case, I will tell you the approximate cost of each session.




    For the consultation, a deposit is made to reserve the date of the session from you

    100 $/€ to 300 $/€ (Cash, Card to Card transfer, PayPal).


    The deposit is non-refundable and included in the last session payment.


    If you cancel the session in less than 5 days, the deposit will be forfeited. 


    For the next appointment the deposit should be repaid.


    According to statistics from 350 sessions in 2017, the deposit was canceled only in 4 cases.




    At the beginning of the session I will show you an approximate sketch. Sometimes it is not needed, sometimes it's a sketch, sometimes it's a photo.


    There are breaks every hour or two.


    Dress comfortably, however, do not forget that after the session there will be pictures taken. 

    Use more accessories (rings, pendants, etc.)




    Cash, Card to Card transfer, PayPal




    In most cases, for protecting the tattoo I use the Suprasorb-F or Dermalize film which should be applied for 1-3 days.


   Please, be sure to send photos of the healing and healed tattoos. I need to know how the work does over time for a constant increase in quality.


Cover Ups and Additions


    Sometimes I take such projects. Be sure to attach a photo of your tattoo.



Communication via mail


    Write ALL the messages in the previous chain of letters, so I can see them and respond promptly.



Does it hurt?


The concept of pain is individual for all. I can say that 90% of the clients respond after the session in similar ways: "It's usually more painful" or "I thought it would be more painful.”

Nobody cries and does not shout during the session.



The minimum cost


The minimal price of tattoos starts from 300 $/€



Support Group


Customer + 1

Yes, you can bring your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, etc.



Session Day


I recommend, on the day when the appointment is scheduled to not to plan anything and not to rush anywhere.



Please, be noted that I do not use anesthesia.

Do not apply any anesthetic substances and do not take painkillers before the session. Otherwise, it will lead to the appointment cancellation and the rescheduling of the session. The deposit will be forfeited.

Guest Spots


I work around the world. There is a list of countries and cities with dates that you can always find on my website or on my Instagram.


If you are the studio owner and you would like to invite me, please, contact me via email with the topic “GUEST-SPOT”.


All the remaining questions can be attached to your session application.


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